Great service from this company from the start. We also got a great response from the leaflet drop. Thanks to the GPS tracking that they provide we could see exactly which leads came from the leaflets so we were able to easily demonstrate cost effectiveness.

Shaun Duncan, International House


Our GPS tracking is always carried out by each operative carrying a tracking device on delivery. This information by tracker is then downloaded by us upon completion followed by a web link which is sent you to be viewed. 

Watch a video of our tracking system

Each leaflet delivery is GPS tracked as standard, details of which are always sent to you upon completion of work. All our operatives are fully trained and supervised throughout. They can also be briefed to any requirements that your campaign may have.

The GPS tracking is always carried out by each operative carrying a tracking device on delivery. This information by tracker is then downloaded by us completion followed by a web link which is sent you to be viewed.

Delivery dates and schedules will have been discussed with you, whilst we make every effort to accommodate your exact requirements, deadlines and timescales please bear in mind that from time to time these can be affected by things outside of our control. Examples are weather, road networks issues and staff illnesses. We will make every attempt to relay to you any delays and the issues around them. Also, for shared plan deliveries, we have to co-ordinate the delivery of another company’s material together, so this again can occasionally take longer than planned.

You will have to also specified or discussed the specific area for your delivery. We make every attempt to follow your instructions and requirements in this regard. Occasionally a delivery may spill over to a surrounding area, but this will only occur if necessary. All our prices are based on a normal leaflet up to A4 double sided. Anything larger or heavier than this will incur an extra charge.

Our operatives can be contacted by us on the days they are delivering, if you have any specific issues on your delivery, feel free to give us a call and we can liaise with the individuals concerned to answer any queries.

Your leaflets are counted by us before they are sent out for delivery. In addition, we suggest that they are counted by you before handing over to us. The reason being that it is quite common for printers to either supply too many leaflets or not the full amount. When not the full amount is counted by us, we will advise you so that you are able to take the issue up with your print supplier.

When too many leaflets are supplied ( I.e paid for distribution of 5000 but 6000 leaflets are supplied) then we will only deliver the amount which had been paid. We hold no responsibility for the surplus of leaflets and if these are not collected from our premises then they will be disposed of accordingly after one month as we don’t have a facility to offer storage.

After the delivery has taken place, as soon as we are able to, we will send you details of the delivery. This will be in form of maps of the exact area covered by us furthermore links to the GPS tracking files that were created. Should you require any other information please ask us before delivery takes place.

We don’t other offer any information or guidance on response rates. This will be down to many factors beyond our control, for example: design of the leaflet, target area, special offer, shared or solus delivery etc.. The only pointer we give is that Solus delivery will almost produce better results than Shared plan delivery.

Finally, a record is kept of your delivery for 1 year. This includes the delivery maps and also the tracking. Don’t hesitate to ask for us for this within that timescale if you ever need to refer to it for measuring data which can be useful to your business for future campaign.

In addition to GPS tracking, we also provide video tracking to customers who would like extra evidence in having their leaflets going through the door. This will be sent through together with the GPS tracking.

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