We are delighted to share with you some recent feedback we received just yesterday, especially when all the factors are considered, the main one being this campaign was for a very new business!

Our new client ‘Pasta Boi’ are great at what they do, the guys behind the name were top chefs at local high-end restaurants.

Recently they started their own business, their main offering is to create fine Pasta dishes and sell them to BA postcode householders with a home delivery service.

It’s a quality business with a quality product so they certainly have every chance of success.

When they approached us a month ago, it was amazing to hear about their plans for their business, how much passion they had for their product and how enthusiastic they were for growing their business, hence their conversation with us all started on the basis of ‘could we help them to get new customers and to grow their business’?

We always take a sensible approach to this question, we can help any B2C business to get new customers, we’re confident in the results we regularly see from door drop campaigns so we knew we’d get new customers for them but margins/order value usually have to be cost-effective for us to give the right answer – basically we want the numbers to stack up and provide you with great value marketing solutions.

So we worked on a plan!

Initial thing we wanted to do was to give the client the best rates possible to maximise ROI, this meant them committing to a modest spend for three months with us, and three monthly campaigns for 5000 leaflets per month dropped to areas of Bath that match their target audience, i.e professional, affluent singles and families.

To make life easier for them we even took care of the print.

When the leaflets were hot off the press, we then do what we do, our teams of distributors hit the streets! They put the eye-catching Pasta Boi leaflets through people’s letterboxes, on their own, not with 4 others like our competitors, and in doing so provided potential customers with a 121 moment with the brand and product.

It makes a difference having a printed product in your hand versus the daily bombardment of social messages, email blurb, so much noise, a leaflet provides clarity, a purpose, and the all-important call to action.

The guys at Pasta Boi noticed immediate results, codes were redeemed from leaflets via the online ordering system and people mentioned where the codes where found.

By the end of 1st campaign of 5000 leaflets, 15 new customers had been secured, 15 new customers that Pasta Boi will provide great service and products too over numerous repeat orders and hopefully will tell their friends.

When you consider the life cycle of a customer or even just the yearly buying cycle, for example how often do they repeat order? how much do they spend? how many people will they recommend you? Upon discussing this, the Pasta Boi owners recognise that they are in profit from month 1, and we worked it out as customer acquisition value of £36 – great value marketing and something we’re very proud to have achieved for them.

We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

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