Those funny little boxes of black and white patterns, QR codes, have become a popular way for businesses to direct potential clients to websites of businesses including mobile mechanics, small retailers and food delivery services quickly and efficiently. Are you aware of their benefits? And how could you go about using them to grow your client base?
Let’s take a look…

What are QR codes?
A QR code is a little magic box containing an array of black and white squares of machine readable code. QR codes offer the very latest in Quick Response (QR) technology, allowing people to access your business more quickly than accessing a website address. Have you ever typed in a website address only to find you’ve mistyped something, and you’re directed to a dead page, or a page you didn’t want to visit? QR codes do away with typos in web addresses. Instead, users scan them with a QR reader (usually an app but some phone cameras instantly recognise such codes) and they’re directed straight to the page you’ve linked them to.

Offering your potential customers quick access to your business using a QR code can help your business stand out and, perhaps more importantly, direct them to the part of your website you really want them to be at.

How can I create and use a QR code?
With an array of free QR code creation apps available, it really is simple to get a QR code. Once you have created your little QR magic box, you can then use it on your online advertising or perhaps even more usefully, you can add it to printed marketing materials, business cards, door drop promotions and even a printout for your shop or van.

Marketing benefits
Already QR codes are being hailed as a vital marketing tool that can help grow your online presence and encourage potential customers to download your app or watch a video link that you want to highlight. Imagine that, no opportunity for potential clients to be side-tracked to a competitor on a web search! They do not even have to remember your name or phone number initially to be directed to you. For example, say you were running a special offer on window cleaning for new customers. Putting a QR code on your marketing material with the offer could direct them straight to a booking page, which could lead to a customer being persuaded to sign up. They could even direct people to follow you on social media, which could see them easily become involved with your business, whether they’re ready to be a customer right away, or not.

QR code technology has been shown to have a direct impact on increased returns from marketing investment. You can even use QR monitoring to analyse the number of visits to your website from your QR code, which could enable to you to tweak your marketing campaigns and improve your efforts further.

How Design Print Distribution Group Can Help
The Design Print Distribution Group can offer expert advice and we could help you to get the best from your QR code door drop leafleting campaigns. Use our door drop marketing services to highlight an offer or discount or to tell your target market about new services or products. Then, let the QR code do the work to bring customers straight to you. Consistent use of QR codes across all your marketing streams makes it easier to optimise your marketing strategy and combining it with door drops allows you to reap the benefits of both traditional print advertising and technology-based marketing at the same time.