When it comes to marketing your business, many people may ask whether direct mailings are still a relevant option. The short answer is absolutely, yes they are! But why? With so much accessible via the internet, what makes companies still find it beneficial to use direct mail?

Here we take a look, at how and why we help our customers use direct mail in the best way to back up their websites, physical and online stores and social media content to drive their business from a doormat.


What are the benefits of direct mail?

If you’re wondering how companies are still benefitting from cost-effective direct mail campaigns, there are various reasons. Just a few benefits of this type of campaign include:

  • Direct mail connects directly to the audience on a personal level
  • Using direct mail to build a multi-sensory experience that involves interaction through QR codes, 3D packs, and additional offers, gifts and merchandise helps draw closer relationships with your target customers. If you give them something to do and show them a benefit, they’re more likely to respond.
  • Multi-sensory stimulation gives the audience something tangible. A piece of paper that can be touched and seen is more valuable to many people than something they only see. And it isn’t just an age thing that makes mail in the home achieve effective results. Millennials are onboard with it too, even those that are tech-savvy find mail memorable and are more likely to trust it as a lead to their online activity than anything they can only find online.
  • Direct mail combines effortlessly with digital marketing. By landing your business straight into the home, you can benefit from the statistics that show 92% of people interact with direct mail and leaflet drops that land in their homes, many of whom move directly to the client’s website.


Statistics direct from the DMA

These numbers are direct from the Data and Marketing Association. Back in 2017 the figures of 87% of people were influenced to make an online purchase, 86% connected with the business, 54% engaged in social media and a pretty impressive 43% download something. Since the pandemic, even more companies are battling to link with online audiences. Direct mail gives those coming forward a greater chance of being noticed.

So, it’s clear that direct mail still has a place in the marketing of businesses, products, and services and that paper marketing most certainly isn’t dead and buried. When you can achieve a high success rate quickly and proactively contact your potential audience, you aren’t left waiting for them to find your shop or stumble across you online, they have what they need, and you have their attention.


Getting help

With these figures being achievable from one of the cheapest forms of advertising, it is certainly worthwhile to chat with us to see how we can work our magic on your business. Our services allow you to choose the elements you need using our expert team of designers with access to the latest technology and equipment to design leaflets, brochures, and mailings with everything in the optimum spot. Not only this, but we also offer high print quality equipment and direct mail or fully tracked accountable door drop delivery services. The beauty of this is that you can choose from some or all of these services. Our team has the experience and expertise to help, no matter what your budget or requirements.

Why not let us help you see what other companies still using direct mail are finding? Call us at 0333 202 6989 or email us at info@designprintdistributiongroup.co.uk to start reaping the benefits of a door drop marketing campaign with great ROI.