In it’s simplest form, marketing aims to get attention to your brand and entice customers to buy a product or use a service, but some vital creative opportunities can get missed in the rush to reach out to your market.

We know that door drops are highly effective at getting attention. Still, there are certainly some added extras to look at that can ensure you really benefit from all of the great results that a door drop leaflet distribution, booklet or brochure mailing can achieve. Here we give away a few of our tips to ensure that the creative opportunities are not lost for each campaign.


Door Mat Impact

Knowing what to include is not the only thing to worry over. Placement is as important as content. You can land many pieces of paper directly onto the mat in homes, but you need it to get their attention. Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we can help with identifying the right design for your campaign. Our expertise, supported by some pretty smart technology will identify the best place to put the important information. Plus, our graphic design service will help you to maximise the use of the advertising space to get your customers to buy from, use or subscribe to your business.


Brand Recognition

Building trust is essential to entice customers to buy. If they see you are regularly reaching out they will be more likely to use you when they are in need. They will know you consider their custom important and your presence is reassuringly robust. Having a strong and easily recognisable brand is essential, making your door drops instantly recognisable as you.


Keep It Simple

A clear call to action is essential. Your message must be clear, and even clearer should be how the customer can respond. People don’t like to work too hard, so the simpler you can make it for them, the better. Consider using a QR code. That clever little black box of tricks that will bring them straight to your website when scanned. Also, make it easy for the non-techs if they are likely to be customers. It must be clear what they need to do. Don’t overcrowd or give mixed messages. Using another leaflet another day is better if you have a lot to get across.


Make it useful

Turn your door drop into something useful, perhaps a calendar that they can repurpose that just happens to have a helpful product or service highlighted too. You could even add some fun company information on relevant dates, such as your company birthday, the day the office cat came onboard, anything that keeps your customers interested, and remember you in a good way.



Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we offer plans which will only be delivered with one other leaflet for the best viewing opportunity and not hidden between multiple leaflets delivered which our competitors offer. Your leaflet will be delivered also with a non-competitive leaflet to ensure your leaflet will be optimised. If you need any assistance, we would be happy to offer you the benefit of our years of experience to help you get noticed by your preferred customer base. Why not get in touch to find out more?