When you’re designing a marketing campaign, it’s easy to get lost in how it looks. However, it’s vital that you also pay attention to the small details. If you get the small details wrong, this can have a devastating impact on your ROI. Plus. it could mean more than just wasting money. It can damage your reputation and lose you business.

The devil is in the detail

Here at Design Print Distribution group, as experts in leaflet distribution and mail drop campaigns, we have seen the impact errors in small details have on a campaign, and it’s not pretty.

Whether we design your leaflet or brochure or you design yourself and use our print and distribution services, it’s worth spending some time checking all aspects. If you already do, you won’t need to read further. However, our experience tells us that no matter how well-prepared the copy is, there are sometimes fundamental errors that could make a difference to how well your efforts pay off.

Phone numbers – wrong or mistyped numbers are devastating to a campaign. Our head office will sometimes call the numbers and find that the number is someone else’s entirely or that it is simply wrong.

Websites, emails or QR codes – these must not be shown correctly, and QR codes must work. You must accurately direct your audience to be effective — a simple .co.uk or .com error is easy to miss, so they are areas we would always suggest you give special attention to.

Updating social media and websites – you need to keep these up-to-date and post regularly. You want to show your company is still active and open for business. It will give authenticity to your business and brand.

Why it matters so much

People who receive a leaflet on their doormat will pick it up, but you need to give them something that works to remember you. And you need to make it easy. Both new and returning customers are more likely to use you if you give them a clear route to reach you. A simple error in the phone number, email or website address will stop this. Do this, and you’ve likely wasted money on the campaign, which could lose business through a simple, easy-to-fix mistake.

How to do leaflet drops and direct mail campaigns properly

You want to promote your business, so whether you use our design specialists or your in-house designers, you need to develop an eye-catching design. Our technology and software can help with the best placement for your key information, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. After all, it’s something we do well. Some tips for success are:

  • Make sure the call-to-action is clear and, as mentioned above, correctly displayed and working. If you use QR codes, check they’re taking you to the right place.
  • Highlight why and how you can help.
  • Provide an incentive such as a discount or incentive if possible.


Leaflets are known to be remembered by 89% of recipients, even those who ignore magazine and newspaper ads. Royal Mail research shows that 51% of adults think door drops are invaluable for information on local services, so you could be giving yourself the best chance of success, so long as you get the details right.

Our team can help with all elements of your door drops, including design, print and tracked distribution, so why not get in touch? We could help you promote your business effectively through 2023 and handle all the details, big or small, for your next campaigns.

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash