It’s never good to have all your eggs in one basket, which applies equally to marketing. There are many ways in which to market and a combined approach is often an approach that has the greatest chance of success. Here, we highlight how door drops work effectively alongside other channels.

Here at the Design Print Distribution Group, we certainly see the effectiveness of marketing efforts combining direct mail, social media and online advertising, but we know only too well how people can struggle to come up with combined marketing techniques to really boost their chance of success.

Why use door drop marketing alongside other channels

Businesses benefit from the interest the leaflet itself generates as it lands on the doormat, but equally, it drives engagement with your website and social media. It’s a great way to prompt action, bring in new business, or reengage existing customers. Whether you choose to offer a discount redeemable on presentation of the leaflet or highlight your existence, the leaflet will be retained by many and often passed on to others interested.

Bringing it all together

An email can easily be lost in a crowded inbox. It is far harder to ignore a leaflet that lands on a doormat and statistics show that more than half of the people that see it will consider using the services or products they see. Around 43% of people will follow and look at or download from websites after receiving direct mail. Even more will be engaged with social media, proving the effectiveness of door drops to draw attention to other channels.

Printed advertising delivered by hand is still very much alive and kicking. Facts show that printed material boosts online activity, with 92% of recipients going to online or digital activity because they received a door drop.

What should you do to ensure that your door drops support your business?

  • Be recognisable – keep your brand and message style consistent and accessible. Be clear it’s you across all channels
  • Don’t try to say it all – Be clear and concise with your message, make it clear what your customers should do and make it easy to do. Direct your customers, leave nothing to chance.
  • Mind the message – Are you looking to promote an offer, a new service, offer help, attract new customers or re-engage existing customers? Be specific, don’t try to do it all on one piece of paper. Clearly show how and when you want your audience to respond.
  • Target – Our technology and expertise can identify specific demographics for each of your door drop campaigns. We can target specific areas, property types, homes with a dog etc. or just hit an entire region. It’s what works for you! We also use eye recognition software to ensure the critical messages won’t be missed during the design process. It’s pretty clever stuff, and it’s undoubtedly effective.
  • Tracking – Our service includes access to the best door drop monitoring. We monitor more, GPS track everything so you can see where your leaflets land, we use video tracking and an independent spot check company to keep you updated on the progress of your campaign.
  • Cost – Door drop marketing is one of the most cost-effective, budget-conscious ways to connect and drive brand engagement, making it easy to carry out multiple campaigns.

How can we help you?

Our services offer as much assistance as you need, covering design, print and delivery. How much we do is up to you. Our team of experts are on hand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us put together your perfect door drop that could bring your marketing efforts together in a truly cohesive way.