The internet is now so crowded it can be impossible to get your message to the right people. If you often find yourself getting fed up with the numerous advertisements you see pop up every time you look on the internet, then it’s pretty sure your customers are feeling the same. Internet adverts are now so common they are losing their impact or simply getting passed by. Sometimes, they can put people off completely, meaning you may deter potential buyers before they even get to know who you are and what you can do.

We’re not saying you should stop marketing over the internet, but what about broadening your marketing campaigns over different media to get your business noticed?

Door drops will get you noticed

The idea of a door drop may seem an old-fashioned way to get in touch. But trust us, we know that the conversion rates and impact of a physical piece of paper landing directly on the door mat in homes of potential customers is undoubtedly alive and thriving. If you struggle to get noticed on the world wide web, use a door drop leaflet or mailing campaign to tell people exactly how and why they need your business.

The modern approach to door drop marketing and direct mail campaigns brings your business into the real world. It offers customers reassurance and reliability that is hard to match with internet ad. Internet ads are so easily lost or clicked past. The physical piece of paper to read is becoming more of a novelty that clever design can catch the eye in a way that the internet will never be able to.

Getting directly in front of those who matter

Modern door drops can effectively highlight your business more directly. They work effectively alongside your online marketing to draw attention to offers, new products or services, or social media and website content. With the addition of easy-to-see and use calls to action, such as QR codes, you give people a direct route to you, cutting through all the other ads visible when searching online.

You give them a piece of paper that research tells us most people will read, and many of them will go on to follow the calls to action. The leaflets are a tangible asset they can keep, refer back to or pass to an interested family member, which won’t get lost in the crowded space that the internet has become.

Technology helps – and so do we!

The technology and market knowledge we have here at Design Print Distribution Group sees many businesses enjoy the success targeted door drop marketing can achieve. We help companies to identify and target audience demographics, which can be based on many criteria. We can help target homes of given values and homes with pets. We use our knowledge to help businesses throughout the process.

Whether you only need help to design, print and distribute or wish to use our expertise from the start to design leaflets, brochures or mail drops, we do as much or as little as you need.

Our team of experts have spent many years working in the industry, and our success is built on our industry knowledge and the technology we invest in to help our clients.

We can help with mass area distributions at prices that are one of the cheapest means to target homes and customers and can help you with future marketing decisions based on results. Why not get in touch to find out why we believe, in the age of the internet, door drop marketing makes a bigger impact than ever before.