If you’re fed up with the daily grind, working for someone else who gets all of the financial satisfaction when things go well, you might have considered going it alone. Those who run their own businesses have far more control over what they do and how they do it, after all. Not to mention that they can control how much they earn from it.

If you’re looking to begin a business, however, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It takes work to build a successful business for your future. If you’re committed to the idea of putting the hours in to get all the benefits we mentioned above, you might now be considering whether to become a franchisee or set up your business entirely from scratch. But what’s the difference between the two?


Management franchise businesses vs owner operators

Starting a new business as an independent owner-operator means beginning at ground zero, spending time and money developing processes, marketing, and getting off the ground. Establishing a new business often takes at least three years, before you begin to see returns. Buying into a franchise takes some of this arduous legwork away, and buying into the right franchise will give you the confidence you need that you have all the tools you need for success. As a supportive franchiser, we have income avenues in place ready for you to incorporate within your franchise area. Within your chosen territory, you will manage door drop campaigns for local and national businesses, direct mail client campaigns, print management and graphic design services.

Our business growth year on year proves that door drop marketing remains a highly successful marketing tool for businesses. Our franchise opportunities will bring this success to a broader area.


Supporting you throughout

As a franchise owner, you will access the systems and processes we have in place. We have the back office, printing and design processes and will show you how to recruit your leaflet distribution operatives, gain clients and market your services effectively. Our team is there to help you build your business using our foundations. Every successful business needs good foundations, but you don’t have to create them when we have done the work in this area for you, including testing them to ensure you can offer what clients are looking for.

As a franchise owner, we ensure that you receive extensive upfront training to be competent in all business areas. We want you to be up and running within your dedicated area as soon as possible, with the confidence and knowledge that will see you become a success quickly. We also offer timetabled monthly video calls and are on hand to support you in being a valued team member with a successful business that benefits us and you.

Our support extends to extensive launch campaigns to identify potential new customers for you to target for your franchise. We would also look to direct possible existing national customers to get you up and running from the off. You will have access to our Customer Relationship System to manage campaigns and logistics within our comprehensive, highly automated system to develop marketing opportunities within your area.


Want to begin?

If you are looking to start a business where your hard work is rewarded without starting from scratch, download our franchise package or Contact us at The Design Print Distribution Group to take the first steps today.