The New Year brings new plans for many people and this year more than most. With the difficult year many of us have faced, and the development of a vaccine which could spell the end of national restrictions, people are on doubt focussing on what changes the new year could bring for them. And this leaves opportunity for businesses such as gyms, clothing suppliers, removal companies, and more to get in front of people looking to make a change if they are first through the door of their target market.

New Year, New Me, New Business Opportunity

We at Design Print Distribution Group know from experience that a new year is a great time for door drop marketing, and we believe strongly that this year has even more potential to benefit your business and get you noticed. People may be looking to book holidays or start going to the gym to get fit after a lockdown where habits were forced to change, so why not put what you have to offer right on the mat in front of them, where it is hard to ignore and comes at the moment they’re looking to make a change?

It’s not just fitness or weight loss businesses that can benefit

Moving home, with what we believe to be the worst of lockdowns over, may will be on the minds of many. Now is a good time to offer all manner of services, whether you can offer to tidy their garden, decorate their existing or new home or even help with their removals or new furniture, why not let them know with a leaflet through their letterbox?

Or perhaps your target clients don’t have a home move to plan, but have time to learn something new. Learning a new skill is what most of us were going to use lockdown for, but with home schooling and other pressures, this didn’t happen for most of us. January and a new lease of life could be the perfect time to let them know you are available to help them learn something new. Whether this is language lessons, musical instrument instruction or driving lessons, landing on their doorstep at the right moment may put you ahead of the competition.

You could reach more than your initial target

No matter what your business, skill or information you want to share, it is proven that door drop marketing gets businesses noticed. A physical constant reminder of what you can offer gives something for people to refer to, but you may be reaching more people than you’re intending to. You’re also giving yourself the opportunity for your targets to share your business with other people who may be interested, giving you free referrals without the additional cost!

How to go about it

Why not use this opportunity to offer an exciting incentive, making it hard for them to ignore and easy to choose your business as the go to solution for whatever it might be that they need and you can offer. Make sure you are clear with your message, be clear how they can contact you and offer a variety of ways to do so. Show them what they can gain by getting in touch; whether you offer a service or a product, make it visually appealing and hard to miss.

Door drop marketing from The Design Print Distribution Group could be the boost your business this January, leading to benefits for your business that last throughout the year.