With so many companies successfully using leaflet distribution it can certainly be highly effective. Promoting an event or special offer or launching a new business, whatever your message, leaflet distribution is a genuine option to spread the word. So how does a successful leaflet get its message across?

Size counts, quality matters – You could opt for A5, A6, bifold, trifold or postcard. It is certainly about personal preference, but you will also need to consider what space is needed to get your message across. Think about an unusual size that will stand out amongst the crowd of other leaflets dropping onto the mat. Using good quality paper makes a lot of difference. A leaflet that feels substantial will give the same feel to your message. So we have mentioned in previous blog leaflets are held onto and a leaflet that stands up to some time in the kitchen drawer will get read and acted upon.

Grab their attention – Your leaflets will quite likely be sitting on a table amongst a pile of others. What will make someone to pick yours up and read it? This could be bold, eye-catching colors, beautiful photos or well-written copy. More likely though, it is a combination of these things. Be careful however not to make it too busy. Less can definitely be more on a leaflet.

And grab them quick – Based on a single-sided leaflet, the key message should be read and understood within 3 seconds. This means a simple glance is enough to draw in your reader and encourage them to read on instead of throwing it in the bin. That makes your headline and key image the most important thing about your leaflet.

Call To Action – A clear call to action, a next step for the reader to take after reading your leaflet, is arguably the most important part of your whole leaflet. It makes your chances of getting a return on the investment in a leaflet as high as they can be. People need to know what you want them to do., perhaps the reader to the website, to get in touch, or to book now. A good leaflet is about moving your potential buyer onto the next step towards that sale.

At Design Print Distribution we offer exactly that process, we can guide you through the design process, print your leaflets on a high-quality paper, and then get them into the hands of your customers. Get in touch to learn how we can help your next leaflet campaign…