Starting any new business requires a degree of work that you certainly can’t afford to bypass if you want to create a thriving business.

Door drop marketing is no different. We have spent many years building a door drop business with great success and are now expanding successfully through our network of franchise operators. Choosing to buy into a successful business as a franchise operator certainly reduces the initial start-up worries and the huge amount of leg work to build a brand and reputation. We have done a lot of the work for you, and our franchise package offers all of the support you need to create a thriving door drop marketing business.

Here we tell you a little about what you can do to ensure that your franchise not only starts well but continues to thrive.

Proactive marketing

Our business promotes the importance of marketing by our clients, and it is equally important that we take the lessons we teach onboard ourselves. Consistent proactive marketing will ensure that you stay in the minds of prospective customers, so they call when they need you.

Use the support and training offered

It’s never possible to know everything. After all, there will always be something new to learn as marketing methods change. We support our franchise owners with advice, extra support and training, so never be shy to ask, listen and learn. We want you to succeed and will certainly pass on our knowledge and experience to ensure that this is possible.


Networking is a valuable way of sharing and interacting with others that could prove equally valuable to both parties. Foster relationships as you never know when they could help. You never know when those you meet may need your door drop marketing business.

B2B Drops

Approach other businesses to show them your services and highlight how you can help them grow their business. Door drop marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing mediums, so don’t be afraid to sell.

Follow our well-trodden path to success

Advertising is excellent by word of mouth, but showing what you do can have a greater impact. Hold open evenings for local businesses to see the quality of your work, attend trade fairs or local events to let local businesses know how you can help and how your local knowledge can benefit them directly.


Of course, one of the attractions of a franchise opportunity is that there are procedures to follow. Procedures that are there to help you operate efficiently and offer the best service to your customers. A tidy, well-run business following trusted methods is proven as a more effective speedier route to success than starting from scratch, so it makes sense to follow processes and procedures that work.


Don’t be afraid to prospect and cold-call. If people don’t know you are there, they won’t choose you, so don’t wait for their call, target them and let them know you are ready when they are. Use opportunities to turn a simple delivery request into a full service, design, print and distribution client. Upselling is also a great way to procure added value buy-ins from your customers. Tell them the benefits of signing up for a multi-drop campaign and regular door drops to reinforce brand awareness and raise profitability.

The simple fact is if you don’t ask, you won’t get, so learn sales techniques, build trust, and build a strong rapport with existing clients to create profitable long-term relationships. Keeping existing customers happy and securing new ones is key to creating a thriving door drop marketing franchise.

With our support at Design Print Distribution Group, you could soon be well on your way to owning a thriving door drop marketing franchise. Not yet a franchisee? Why not get in touch to find out how to get started with a business model that’s primed for success?