The weather is getting better (hopefully) and with Spring well on the way, now is definitely the time to spring into action with your marketing plans.  With the UK gradually opening back up, businesses that have laid dormant, or just been getting by, can harness the positivity that things are getting better, and start to revive their business plans for the future. And there are certain financial boosts to help many UK businesses do just that.

A Budget Boost For Business

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, during his spring Budget announced further grants to struggling businesses, alongside new loan schemes aimed at supporting businesses as we come out of lockdown and look to the future.  A clearer picture on the furlough scheme and benefit top ups for the next few months will all help to settle finances. The Chancellor is confident that we will see some form of economic normality return during the next year. But if you’re in receipt of such a grant, or fulfil the criteria for a loan, how do you use this money to its best advantage when looking to market your business?

Offline could be where it’s at

Offline marketing is a great way to get your message on the mat of potential customers. They don’t need to search for you – they have a tangible reminder to hang on to and contact information readily available. As a method of marketing, it’s highly beneficial and could get you in front of people who are actively looking to buy from a business like yours. With offline marketing, there’s no reason to navigate the complex world of Google/Facebook ads, or SEO, or worry that you rank lower in search engines than your competitors. With as high as 94% of door drop marketing campaigns viewed, this is known to lead to a higher conversion rate than equivalent email campaigns in many cases.

The Design Print Distribution Group have the expertise to handle your business direct mail campaigns as well as the power to target them to specific audience demographics, your existing customers or any area across the country. 

How We Can – And Do – Help!

Here at The Design Print Distribution Group, we use demographic targeting software to narrow down your mail campaign to directly target homes with specifically identified audiences. For example, imagine a dog grooming business only mailing homes with a dog – this is something we can do for you to ensure you don’t waste your marketing budget on an audience you aren’t targeting.

For example, in a recent campaign, we arranged brochure mailing specifically targeted to high value homes, offering luxury kitchens on behalf of a kitchen company. Our software was able to identify specific high value properties for the targeted mailing, ensuring the mailing reached only properties valued over £4m. This is targeted marketing at its best, harnessing data to provide you with the most effective distribution possible.

Of course, if you’re casting your net a little wider, we can help here too. We also offer door mail drop services for every property in a specified area; no matter what you’re looking for, we’re happy to target a campaign to suit your needs and budget.

There is never a bad time to let people know your business is open, ready and waiting to serve, but these are most definitely great times. Businesses will begin pushing hard for their share of the market as it grows, so now is the time for proactive marketing to get your services out there. 

Why not contact us today, to find out how your business can spring into a brighter year?