Whilst many businesses have struggled through the Covid-19 pandemic, as a leaflet distribution and direct mail company this has certainly not been the case. We continue to grow and help many businesses focus their marketing and customer acquisition through our leaflet marketing services.

Many local businesses realise the benefit of local customers but miss the opportunity a leaflet drop provides. Getting to the heart of the home or business with a leaflet landing on the mat is an effective marketing strategy that is proven to be successful.

JICMAIL official figures show the effectiveness of direct mail and door drop leafleting, with an 11% increase year-on-year, creating a record high since activity tracking was introduced in early 2017. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of times a piece of direct mail is interacted with grew 4.58 times. For every 100 items sent the average door drop will reach 105 people with interaction and retention rising to an average of 2.8 times. 

Our business success backs this up. We haven’t stopped growing since we were founded and are proof that door drop marketing can thrive even through the toughest of times.  Whilst many businesses have struggled, we have seen our work grow as businesses such as estate agencies and delivery services have flourished. We’re proud to have helped businesses grow alongside us by providing effective door drop marketing campaigns that have certainly hit the mark.

Leaflet Marketing Serves The Public’s Growing Desire To Shop Local

We know that there are many organisations throughout the UK needing the services of a reputable, reliable and expert direct mail business, one that can offer local marketing straight to the heart of potential local customers. Local and regional businesses throughout the UK are actively seeking the services of leaflet distribution companies in order to reach out to their local community. This tempts people to ‘stay local’ as per the government’s messaging, by shopping locally. And you could be part of this growing market.

Share Our Success!

If you’re looking to capitalise on the success we have experienced this past year, we’d be delighted to offer you the opportunity to become a franchisee of our highly successful business. We’re currently offering partnership opportunities throughout the UK.

Our two pilot schemes in Reading and Sheffield show results that prove a demand nationally for local marketing services.  As long as people have homes with letterboxes and businesses are looking for new customers there will be a need for leafleting.  Social media marketing is effective, but is equally often missed, however, leaflets to local customers with a compelling reason to act will grab attention. We have built our business around providing leaflet design and distribution for other companies who know this approach gets results. A leaflet, after all, is a tangible reminder, easily to hand, leaving potential customers in no doubt that a business is there for them.

Our growth is beyond what we imagined and our experience proves the best local knowledge comes from local people. This makes our franchise opportunities an ideal choice, no matter where in the UK you’re based. We offer protected areas as part of our package, so you will have the ability to grow a business for local people by local people.  You’ll also benefit from an industry-leading name, a proven track record and a success that even surprises us at times.

Why not see how you can join the growing band of The Design Print Distribution Group franchise partners and start your franchise opportunity today? We’d be happy to help your next year be as successful as the last year has been for us.