About the company

Founded in 1984 by Graham & Margaret Caddy, Caddy Windows is a local family run business based in South Bristol. Over the years, the business has progressed and expanded into the professional window and door installers that they are today. These days the company is managed by third-generation members of the Caddy family and employs over 20 local members of staff.

The company has clients across the education, health and construction sectors and have achieved many successful contracts for local authorities in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire. They specialise in replacement A-Rated energy-efficient windows and their range of products include installation of uPVC, aluminium, and timber. Their doors range includes sliding, bi-folding, residential, aluminium door panels, automatic and shopfront doors.

What do The Design Print Distribution Group do for them?

Caddy Windows’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Nick Caddy had a good handle on what works for different elements of the business and spends his budget effectively across the board. DPDG has worked with Caddy Windows for three years and now print and deliver 25,000 door-to-door leaflets every month. Distribution locations vary from month to month in order to keep Caddy’s clients in South Bristol, where they are based, whilst delivering in other areas of Bristol to identify new clients.

At the end of every month, DPDG provides a GPS tracking report so it can be compared with enquirers to see what message has worked where. The feedback from the clients indicates that their inquiries correlate strongly with the leaflet’s distribution demographics. This tool allows for a constant evaluation of successful campaigns to ensure increased value for money.  In fact, the leaflet campaign is going so well that Caddy Windows are now looking to increase distribution further.

What does the client say?

We caught up with Nick Caddy, Sales, and Marketing Manager at Caddy Windows to find out how he finds working with DPDG:

How did you come to work with DPDG?

We were looking for locally based printing and leaflet distribution and found DPDG online. Mike came in and sold the company very well, he was impressive.

Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

We were concerned that our flyers may just be seen as junk mail, which people don’t like. But by careful design and targeting of our leaflet, it suits our needs and has been accepted by potential customers.

How do you find the process of working with them?

Really good, Mike’s a great guy. We send our work over for printing and sending out. We get a monthly report based on Google Maps of the distribution area so we can monitor progress. It gets out to the most likely areas of Bristol to be interested in our products and gives us good returns.

Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

I’m not sure I want our competitors to use him, it’s too effective for that! We have recommended DPDG to other companies and will continue to do so. It is our best form of advertising. A tailored targeted flyer can be made suitable for all areas of our business.