Have you always thought that you could spend your marketing budget far more effectively than dropping a leaflet or brochure directly through someone’s letterbox, believing they never work and are just a waste of time, paper, and money? We’re here to tell you that this simply isn’t the case – and there are other misconceptions about door drop marketing that we think you should know about!

Read on to find out how the right leaflets defy the misconceptions. Door drop marketing services provided by The Design Print Distribution Group, could help to ensure your business gets noticed.

MYTH 1 – There’s a low response rate

The reality is very different and backed up by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), which through extensive surveys and experience state that in fact 79% of consumers keep the leaflet or pass it onto family members or friends. This proves that door drop marketing is, in fact, a medium that has proved itself time and time again.

Perhaps more importantly, 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing, especially when the leaflet is for a local service offered by a local business, or your leaflet is part of a multi leaflet long-term campaign. Whilst the percentage who take up offers depends on the nature of the campaign, the battle will never be won if your business remains a secret!

MYTH 2 – Door drops aren’t targeted

It is important to identify your target audience, as without doubt a targeted campaign to a specific audience will provide improved response rates, and that is where we come in!  Our team of experts have many years of door drop marketing experience and can advise on targeted areas, using their extensive area knowledge and experience from past campaigns and response rate monitoring.

MYTH 3  – Leaflets aren’t interactive

While it’s true that door drops are usually pieces of paper, the key here is to ensure that this piece of paper grabs attention, reaches out and encourages interaction. Effective leaflet campaigns should have compelling calls to action, which draw the recipient to take further action and engage with your brand beyond the leaflet. Offering discounts, the chance of a freebie if they sign up, or a look so appealing that even if they didn’t realise they needed the product or service before the leaflet arrived, they simply cannot resist now.

MYTH 4 – It’s expensive

Having leaflets as part of network magazines or inside other leaflets can be costly, which is where we at Design Print Distribution Group really come into our own.  We offer you individual service at highly competitive rates and work within your budget. Whether it is a leaflet drop specifically for your business or as part of a small group, we can advise.  You might be surprised at how cost-effective it is.

When you trust your door drop leafleting campaign to a company such as ourselves, our expertise in creating engaging content, advising on audience target areas, and carrying out printing and delivery all help to ensure that your door drops get the attention they deserve and your business can profit from.