Leaflet distribution campaigns are the perfect way to get your marketing message across, landing directly on the doormat of homes and businesses. You can hit a wide area or targeted audience with one of the cheapest ways of advertising available. That said, it’s crucial to deliver your message clearly and noticeably to your audience, guiding them to react in the way you want them to.

Here are our tips to ensure that you achieve success with your leaflet distribution campaigns.

Optimise Your Leaflet Design

This may seem obvious, but a successful leaflet campaign is about more than just what you put on the page. Where and how you show, the information is just as important. Putting the most critical messages where the individual will look is essential. Our experienced designers and eye-targeting software can assist with this.

You should aim for a clear message and images with people and include clear calls to action on both sides that guide people on what to do next. You can have QR codes to direct people to your website, social media or a specific product or offer. If you include a voucher or coupon, more people will likely act immediately or save the leaflet for future use.


Consistent delivery

Customers need to feel secure with their business choices, and regular contact helps build trust and an ongoing relationship that will guide them to think of you when they need a product or service. Your audience is more likely to respond to leaflet drops when they receive them regularly. Monthly is often ideal, but bi-monthly or quarterly can also be effective for some businesses.



Timing your leaflet drops is also essential, and it is about more than just the time of the year. Of course, targeting your audience when they begin to think about needing your products and services is always a good idea. Yet, for some businesses, the weather or the day of the week may make a difference. Understanding how your audience chooses and uses your company and targeting your leaflets will help success.



We mentioned targeting your audience briefly, but businesses should try to understand their target audience, where they are economically and physically based. Knowing how your customers shop and live and the type of family and status they hold will help you make the best use of your leaflet campaigns. We have the facilities to help you target mail drops to specific home values, locations, or homes with dogs and many other niche-identifying tricks to help drive success from each leaflet.


Get help from the experts

We not only cover the distribution of leaflet campaigns here at Design Print Distribution Group, but our designers are also on hand to offer professional design services. Their years of experience and targeting software will help maximise the potential of every leaflet or mailing in your campaign. We can help interpret and monitor responses to guide your leaflet drop and direct mail marketing campaign journey. We also offer high-quality printing and trackable distribution to ensure you know exactly how and when your flyers or brochures land.

We are here for all aspects of your mail drop campaign to help increase exposure and save you money in the long run. Why not get in touch and optimise your rate of success with us?