If you’re looking at marketing via a door drop campaign, you may or may not have considered who you are marketing too. Here, we look at the importance of precision targeting when honing in your marketing strategy.

What is precision targeting?

Precision targeting isn’t there to replace marketing strategies, more to use customer insights and data to build tailor-made targeting decisions. To do this, it’s essential to identify and understand the customers you want to attract to target how you and your services or products address their needs. Rather than a scattered catch-all approach, precision targeting allows you to maximise your marketing budget and advertising by directing your approach to the type of customers who are likely to use or need your company’s products or services. It’s about recognising quality rather than gaining volume by quantity.

Value for money

Precision targeting offers unbeatable value for all companies. In particular, it should be used by smaller firms with limited budgets, where gaining maximum return through quality is vital. Using precision targeting alongside a broader marketing strategy can help you specifically target customers who have the potential to be the most profitable.

Driving precision targeting

Precision targeting is one area that can certainly pay to bring in outside expert help. Data is the driving force behind precision targeting. The plethora of data handling software for many businesses simply isn’t a viable in-house expense. Yet, it’s the very means to get the precision needed to segment and target customers successfully. There is, however, an alternative, and that’s to get help on a campaign by campaign basis from a company that knows a LOT about targeting to bring you an increased ROI.

Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we can help you identify the very consumers that will benefit from your products or services and target our door drop, leaflet and mailing campaigns to reach them directly. We use data collected by people’s shopping habits, life events and watching where they browse to pinpoint target audiences. Segmenting customers by lifestyle and life events will give you insights into the best way to approach them. You can use door drops to highlight a particular product or service, guide them to your social media and websites to find out more and buy knowing that they have a tangible piece of paper to keep as a reminder. The marketing aim is to reach out and harness this opportunity to get your business noticed.

What to do with your precision-targeted results

Customer acquisition can be a determining factor in any marketing effort, and therefore it is necessary to consider the costs involved in reaching out to your targeted audience. Leaflet distribution and direct mailings are some of the most cost-effective ways to advertise. They are known for their success, with 78% of a general customer audience taking a look at a leaflet, around a quarter really taking interest and over a third of potential customers keeping a leaflet with an offer or money off coupon. Those are the figures for a general mailing, so targeting previously identified potential clients with a proven data-informed reason to be interested can see your company reach even greater results. Not bad for one of the cheapest ways to get noticed directly.

Interested in how precision targeting can bring you a great return on your door drop marketing investment? Here at the Design Print Distribution Group, we can guide you and carry out mass door drops and mailings as well as providing advice on precision targeting for your specific needs. Why not get in touch to find out more?