There is nothing more frustrating than finding what you thought was a well-planned leaflet didn’t yield the results you hoped.

But we could help you understand what you may have gone wrong. As experts in leaflet door drop, direct mail campaigns, design and printing we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leaflet campaigns, so read on as we highlight the main reasons your leaflet drop may not have brought you the ROI you’d hoped for.


Design Appeal

It might surprise you to learn that many purchasing decisions are made by what we see, not what we read. Is your design letting you down? Lacking appeal or the right images to make potential customers stop and look means you could lose them before they’ve even read a word as they may not even take a look at what you have to offer.


Wrong Place

How much effort did you put in to hit the demographic most likely to relate to your product? As a window cleaner, have you marketed dense office complexes and housing estates or single properties miles apart in the middle of nowhere? As a gardener, have you had leaflets managed by a company that was more interested in quantity distributed in the shortest timeframe? If so, they may have hit apartment blocks with nothing more than a small communal garden at best. If this has happened to you, it could represent a real waste of your money. Leaflet distribution must be targeted to areas and people most likely to be interested in your product or service. We use a wide range of technology, area knowledge and targeting expertise to avoid just these scenarios.


Wrong Timing

We know people like to plan, but there are limits. If your business is growing Christmas trees, a leaflet in July will do you no good at all. This may be an extreme example. Our leaflet tracking and response monitoring, across a wide variety of campaigns and industries, has given us valuable insight to help businesses overcome less subtle timing errors.


No Clear Next Steps

Even if you have the other aspects right, one key area we identify regularly is leaflets not being clear or visible on how people can get in touch – which means there’s no clear route to access your services or work with you. Having a clear call to action may seem obvious and not a mistake you would make, but we can help ensure that it is in the right place on your leaflet for maximum visibility. Our Eye recognition software identifies the best place to put this vital information to help with this.



Let’s face it, wouldn’t we all love a 100% uptake? Realistically though, this will never happen. Sufficient time must be given to research, assessing, and setting realistic targets to grow your ROI campaign after campaign. Remember, it is essential to consider not everyone jumps into a purchase straightaway. Leaflets are one of the best ways to guarantee longevity for your marketing spend, as research proved people store them for future use.


Is One Enough?

Simply put, very likely not. We know that repeat marketing works better. Consumers need to trust in a brand, often before they are tempted to try it. This doesn’t mean dropping the same leaflet a week later, but you will benefit from a planned leaflet campaign to build up brand awareness or perhaps offer different incentives over some time.

Don’t give up leaflet marketing if one campaign has failed, as this could mean you missing out on something that could really work. If you’re tempted to try again, why not contact our team and let the Design Print Distribution Group make your next campaign a more valuable one for your business.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash