What do the following business types have in common?

CBD Oil seller
Car Repair Garage
Window Company
Fruit and Veg Box Delivery Service
Estate Agent

Not much is the answer!
However, these are a selection of the businesses that we have carried out Door Drop campaigns for in the month that upon discussing their campaigns afterward, the business owners have all reported to us that new business was gained directly from the campaign we carried out for them.

Some reported that profit was reached very quickly indeed, for others this will be measured by customer value over the year, it does depend somewhat on the sale value of the items being marketed. For example, an Electrician could gain an order for £1000 plus from a job booked in from a door drop and would be in profit immediately, much the same as an Estate Agent or Window Company or the like, businesses like the Florist or the Fruit and Veg Box delivery service are lower value orders so will take longer to reach the break-even point, like all sales though, the hardest point is actually getting the new customer, once you’ve ‘got’ them, providing you provide good service, a good product, and good value, the customer will stay with you and over the months and years will make multiple purchases so the ROI on the door drop campaign will just get incrementally better as time goes by!

Door Drops aren’t right for every business, and if we don’t think they are, we will tell you and give you ethical and professional advice as we did for one enquirer lately but for many businesses they can still work very well and indeed outperform many other methods.
The beauty of door drops versus many other methods is that it is actually very impactful on multiple levels, it gets your message into someone’s home, it is typically shared with multiple people, it helps your business to be seen as locally trusted and it also allows you to share multiple messages, for example on the same leaflet you could have images of your services/product, some detail on how your business could help or solve a particular issue and also, most importantly, the call to action or special offer that recipients can redeem.

Marketing, as a whole is both an ongoing process and a complex one, there isn’t one single method that will be the single solution, best results are achieved by engaging in a wide range of activities and doing this consistently.

Door Drops can form a great part of this for most businesses that need regular new business in the B2C sector, please do get in touch for a no-obligation chat if you too would like to secure some new business, we’re here to help.