Do you worry that you aren’t connecting with your target audience for your door drop marketing campaigns? There are certain things you may not be including in your campaigns that could significantly affect your ROI. Here, we explain two of the most important strategies when it comes to gaining traction with your target audience – rewarding and informing.

Statistical Proof

We already know that customers respond positively to information that is relevant and useful to them, so let’s look at the research that tells us more.

Royal Mail carried out an extensive survey back in 2015 to identify what type of mail customers found valuable and why. It may surprise you to learn that building a relationship with a current customer through targeted mail campaigns ranked as high as 85% for positive feedback. 83% welcomed mail that keeps them up to date, tells them something new (65%) or includes a special offer (57%) —showing that it pays to stay in touch, not only to bring in new business but to keep a relationship alive.

This survey was carried out six years ago; it is perhaps even more relevant in the changing world we now find ourselves in. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people shop and think. Visits to stores/offices to seek out goods and services have reduced. People still need to find out what’s going and so businesses need to change their marketing strategy to make this happen. Businesses need to engage with customers and potential customers in their homes and on their doorsteps, taking what you have to offer directly to their doormats to be noticed.

Reward and Inform

To get the best from your direct mail communications, you need to bring value. Value can take many forms and 40% of items deemed valuable combined information and advertising. Informing customers can be as simple as telling them of a new location to find your goods, a tip on using your products, answering some of the frequently asked questions you get, or an incentive to introduce a friend or try a product for free. And customers do not always need to receive a great money-saving offer to notice you. Although enticements certainly have their place, there is a line that too many is not a positive move. A creative approach to remind customers you are there, but not always give them a hard sell. Treading this fine line can take some assistance and may be a great time to call in the experts.

Need help?

If you are unsure how to create the perfect campaign, we can certainly help. At the Design Print Distribution Group, we carry out printing and mailing of door drop marketing and should you need it, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help when you are stuck for design ideas. From the concept to the doormat, our services can take the stress, time and outsourcing design stresses away. Modern, professionally designed brochures or leaflets that bring your brand to life, share your vision and can be door dropped, direct mailed or targeted to specific customers, areas, or targeted markets.

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