The popularity of online marketing means that offline marketing tools are seen as old-fashioned and ineffective. But this simply isn’t the case. In fact, including door drop marketing in your budget could see your business edge ahead.

Since March, the UK, like many other countries, has been plunged into a public health crisis. The subsequent lockdown brought the economy to a grinding halt. As we emerge from this enforced hiatus, the scars on the economy are already visible.

UK GDP fell by 2.2% and with this happening over two quarters in a row, the UK confirmed it was in recession. For most businesses, this is not good news. Difficult trading conditions are compounded even further by people’s uncertainty and anxiety.

Marketing budgets are under pressure and any campaigns or actions you take need to yield the return on investment you need – in other words, sales!

Is door drop marketing the answer?

It can be hard to gather information and statistics on how many people read or interact with door drop materials.

But, during lockdown, the population was compelled to stay home. And even though lockdown has ended, apart from in some areas, many people are choosing to work from home.

And that means a ready audience for door drop marketing campaigns. And it appears from some statistics available that door drop marketing is working. Analysis has shown that:

  • People have interacted with door drop medias 4.21 times, higher than pre-lockdown statistics
  • Marketing materials have stayed in the home for up to 9.5 days, another increase since pre-lockdown

Who is using door drop marketing?

Charities have long used door drop marketing as a tool that yields significant results.

During lockdown, the use of door drop by charities increased and the yield increased as a result. Increasing their through the door marketing by 4%. One charity said it received over £30,000 more than it normally would in telephone donations as a result of a leafleting campaign.

One furniture retailer has also released figures that suggest the 11% increase in online orders was a direct result of leaflets through letterboxes, even though their high street stores remained close for several weeks.

Now is the time to plan and execute a door drop campaign

All the signs are there that a well-structured and executed door drop campaign can yield the results in sales that you need. Will your business take full advantage?

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