You have probably heard on the news that many businesses are struggling to attract candidates for the vacancies that they have to offer. For many reasons, as the world opens up and the risks from Covid-19 ease, there are many unfilled job vacancies. Companies are struggling to attract the attention for vacancies they would have quickly filled in the past.  They urgently need additional team members,  yet their previously successful recruitment processes may be failing them. However, we believe we have a great solution.  Our door drop marketing teams have been extremely busy over the last couple of months delivering leaflets aimed at recruitment, to much benefit from those employers choosing to use them.


Harnessing the power of door drop

Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we have always known the power of a leaflet landing on a doormat. Direct mail and door drop marketing is a highly successful approach used by many businesses to reach potential customers in their local area. This approach is now seeing similar success for those seeking to draw potential employees towards businesses looking to employ them. We have built our business around helping other companies achieve success in, door drop and direct mail campaigns for marketing and promotions. Now, we are helping a number of businesses get the staff they need for a post-pandemic surge in customer demand.

Companies such as Amazon, Ocado, Haven, Happy Days Nursery, Caremark, and Silva Care, as well as a host of local restaurants and businesses, have woken up to the benefits of leaflet campaigning. We have worked with them in their local areas to deliver information on their job vacancies straight to the doormats of homes within their communities.

Why it works?

Reaching directly into the homes of potential candidates with leaflet door drops has seen employers fill vacancies more quickly. In many cases, they’ve filled the daps with candidates who would not have presented themselves for the position otherwise. After all, a leaflet landing through your letterbox advertising a job vacancy almost seems like a personal invitation to apply. It gives many candidates the extra confidence needed to step forward and inquire about the vacancies and available opportunities and brings details to homes that may miss online campaigns. In addition, job advertisement leaflets can be easily passed to a friend or family member that may be looking for a new opportunity, whether they’ve been made redundant because of the pandemic, or are simply looking for a move from their current position.

Add-on benefits

And the benefits don’t stop with getting the right member of staff. You may be advertising jobs now, but the leaflet acts as a reminder that you offer services in the local area that they may need now or in the future.  Restaurants, eateries and other local service providers can benefit from this in particular. As well as an employee, you could earn a customer off the back of your recruitment door drop.

Can we help?

We have been delighted to work with many well-known and lesser-known local businesses delivering leaflets advertising their job vacancies in the local community, with much success, and we’d be happy to help your business reap the benefits of a targeted door drop recruitment campaign. To learn more about how we could help with your recruitment drive, why not call the friendly team at Design Print Distribution Group? With a range of options to help you get the perfect candidates for unfilled positions, we’re ready and waiting to assist.