It can be hard not to think of selling when planning a marketing campaign, yet drawing attention to your branding through repetitive marketing is a great way to get attention. Repeated door drops and leaflet direct mail campaigns landing directly on their doormat will get people thinking of your business, even as they go about their daily life.

Isn’t advertising all digital these days?

TV advertising and social media adverts in a crowded space can easily be missed. Using leaflets and door drop marketing is a highly impactful and undoubtedly cost-effective advertising method that gets directly into the homes of your potential customers. In fact, leaflet drops can be more effective than other advertising mediums. How? Because they land in the heart of the home, and they’re really hard to ignore.

On-demand TV and the ability to fast-forward through the adverts can mean adverts are easily bypassed. A leaflet or brochure will be picked up, and research shows it will be looked at and acted on by many people. You can’t scroll past it, either.

Becoming as memorable as the big brands

Businesses like ‘We’ are benefitting from their repetitive high visibility. You can’t help but think of them when you want to sell your car. Of course, not everyone will use them, but they certainly get your attention. A one-time drop of a name is not enough, though. As this big brand does, you need to ‘drop’ your name regularly, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, to ensure you remain in the forefront of your target market’s minds when they need you.

Use your local connection, and make them an offer they can’t refuse

Local business advertising supports the growing consumer demand to shop local wherever possible. This is something that is becoming even more demonstrable. And, coupled with a clear message and a tempting offer, your local connection might be the spark your target customer needs to make the break from a national provider and ‘shop local’. One of the best ways to encourage your audience to hang onto your leaflet is to give them a coupon code or voucher that can be redeemed in-store or online. They may not need your services straight away. However, a tempting offer will encourage them to think of your business when they do.

Your audience is more likely to keep your leaflet if there is a coupon code or voucher, including a QR code and a clear call-to-action that drives them to you without your business vying for attention on social media, television and radio.

Is now the right time to be marketing?

Increasing brand awareness is a vital area of marketing that can be missed with the temptation to push sales. Yet, in times of economic downturns, it can have the opposite effect, so now isn’t the best time to concentrate all your marketing efforts on openly trying to get people to buy. Marketing in a downturn needs to be caring, showing your customers that you understand times are hard, but you are there when they need you. A cleverly thought out offer will encourage people to look in more detail, and they will likely keep your leaflet for themselves and go on to tell family and friends.

Designing leaflets that can withstand repetitive marketing

Designing is a challenge we can help with if you don’t have the marketing team in place to conjure up a campaign that will withstand the test of time. Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we can help you from start to finish or at any point in between.

If you need help turning your ideas into eye-catching leaflets, our team have vast experience, extraordinary creative talent and excellent software to do it for you. We can then handle all of the printing and distribution for you. We can target specific areas and audiences – by postcode, demographics and house value so you reach the most appropriate targets for your business.

Interested? Book a no-obligation chat today and see what leaflet door drop marketing can do for your business, even when times are hard.