When it comes to marketing, you want results, but some involve playing the long game. Knowing what you want to achieve both in the long term and short term is essential when it comes to marketing. But what should you be thinking and looking to achieve from door drop marketing?


Why goal setting is vital

Setting short and long term goals with a door drop marketing campaign is essential to ensure that you not only convert the leaflet into a customer but once you have them, you keep them. You can’t do it all with one leaflet. Best results happen when you run multiple campaigns over some time. Success can happen with a hit and run campaign, but you certainly stand a better chance if you use door drops as part of a prolonged campaign and draw attention to your website, social media and physical store or office if you have one.

Planning is crucial, and setting objectives that drive your marketing approach will ensure that you don’t lose your way or give mixed messages. It’s essential to distinguish marketing messages you expect to bring speedy results from those sowing seeds for the future. You can then measure results and understand how some costs now may only pay off over the longer term.


What to consider when setting marketing objectives

Setting goals is a balancing act that should:

  • Accept marketing should drive value, not cost
  • Identify short-term marketing growth
  • Market for long-term success
  • Know when to focus on now and when later
  • Consider your brand and content strategy as a longer-term objective – don’t expect immediate results. Work towards the future.


Short term goals

Short-term objectives might include:

Campaigns highlighting specific services or products – A door drop leaflet campaign is excellent for getting to the heart of the home with your message and telling people how your particular product or service can help them.

Promotions and sales – sales are only good if people know they are on. Again, a leaflet can direct people easily to buy, using a QR code prominently and giving a clear message on how to buy will get people looking.

Retargeting interested prospects – it’s likely that people may need more than one prod before making a purchase, so short term marketing can include door drop leaflets targeting people who have interacted but not bought yet.


Examples of long-term objectives

Your long term objective can vary, but could include:

Building your brand –A strong brand will help no matter what the economy does. Consider your brand and content strategy as a longer-term objective – don’t expect immediate results. Work towards the future.

Launching a new website or social media – often website traffic tails off when you launch a new site, whether it’s because of settling bugs or just new look fears of watchers, but a well built and publicised website will bounce back.

Events and PR – Getting in front of your audience will help build personal rapport and, over time, lead to greater sales. A leaflet door drop can help you publicise your events whilst again acting as another reminder that your business is alive and kicking! If you can get your business published in a magazine or newspaper, then it could be worth its weight in gold. Look for outreach and guest post opportunities.

Of course, when it comes to leaflet drop marketing campaigns, we at Design Print Distribution Group are always on hand to help with design, printing and distribution, as well as offering advice on campaigns for both short and long-term success. We can help you achieve your goals, so why not get in touch to find out more?