Have you ever just looked at a leaflet that drops through your door and thought how clever it was and how the message spoke to you?

As a leaflet and brochure marketing design and distribution specialist, we can guide you on what companies are doing to achieve that success and the work behind the scenes that goes into a successful leaflet campaign. Here, we look at some of the factors that impact the success of your leafleting campaigns.


Consistent leaflet drops

To make your business stay at the forefront; consistency is key. We would recommend a minimum of monthly door drops as part of a regular marketing strategy. This gives your audience time to consider and revisit but doesn’t let them forget you. Our regular leaflet clients achieve far greater ROI than those dropping one-off or ad-hoc. The cost is likely lower, too, with our discount on standard distribution rates for regular drop customers.


Test layouts

Campaigns over an extended period allow you to test and experiment with different layouts, strategies and incentives to see which bring the best outcomes. Our graphic design team can help you with layouts and different approaches. Our tracking and monitoring make it easy to measure results too.

Including an offer or discount on a service or product or even a voucher for an unrelated item can be the little extra incentive needed for a customer to buy from you. Freebies or discounts don’t have to be huge or related directly to the product or service your offer. They just need to be perceived as valuable to the customer.


Locate your target audience and hit those areas

The key to success for every business is knowing their customer. If you target those most likely to be interested in your product and can identify their demographics, you will stand the best chance of success. Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we regularly work with companies to help them identify the areas best suited to the target market they need to reach. Door drops and mailings can then target the audience most likely to respond. For some businesses, it could be a designated area around their base. For others, a wider area or across identifiable demographics throughout the country. It may be specific estates with properties over or under a particular value or targeting homes with animals. Whatever your target audience, we can help you deliver your message directly to them.


Clear calls to action

Make it clear what you want the customer to do next and how they can access your products or services. Ensure all the details are accurate, with no wrong phone numbers, dodgy QR codes or outdated images and information. Place contact details clearly with a call to action. Most customers don’t like to work too hard, and the more they see you make life easier for them, the more they will believe your business and brand are trustworthy.


Keep it consistent

Be consistent with your branding. Leaflets and mailing campaigns are the perfect way to draw attention to other aspects of your business. Use QR codes to direct your audience to your website and social media to highlight services or products and generate traffic to those. Your business should be recognisable at a glance.

If you want to reap the benefits a carefully researched, crafted and targeted door drop delivery campaign can bring, why not get in touch? We would be happy to create a campaign that your customers are sure to respond to.