We have taken the presence of trees for granted for many years, but have you ever thought what would happen if they all disappeared? In 2019, the UK Government launched a scheme to boost tree-planting in a bid to fight climate change, a scheme worth £50 million. They support farmers and landowners to create new woodland with funding as the trees grow as part of their 25-year Environment Plan. In 2020, The National Trust also declared its ambition to plant 20 million trees by 2030. If it wasn’t so crucial to our environment, we are sure neither would invest so heavily.

Why Are Trees So Important To Our Planet?

Trees do so much more than just make the place looks green and pleasant, but do you know how much more? Trees play a critical role in reducing climate change. Every tree helps to fight harmful carbon dioxide that we as a nation are so good at creating. Trees absorb climate-damaging CO2, store it and release vital oxygen in its place. An acre of trees will neutralise over 26,000 miles of car driving. Pretty impressive? Well, that’s not all. Not only do they remove harmful CO2, but they also purify the air we breathe. Without trees, we would all become pretty poorly as they remove some pretty nasty gas pollutants, such as ammonia, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the atmosphere, to name a few.

Trees also provide valuable shade, helping to cool the environment. Natural money-saving air conditioning at its best! Using trees in a workspace or home can significantly reduce air conditioning needs, helping you save money if you rely heavily on air conditioning. Trees reduce water consumption around vegetation, releasing more water than they require. They also act as a natural filter removing phosphorus pollutants and nitrogen from stormwater. Without trees, our rivers and seas would suffer far more pollution.

Lastly, many provide us with food and enrich our environment. Who doesn’t love to eat an apple or see a blossom covered tree. Nature is good for our mental health too, and trees are a large part of what makes us feel good when we spend time outdoors.

Reduction in world fossil fuel supplies is a significant problem. Yet, their toxic properties have been so damaging to our climate. We need to find a renewable energy source and must support planet-saving schemes wherever we can. The opportunity to focus on changing the way we think, protecting our planet and reducing harmful CO2 emissions must now be seen as a priority if we are to secure our world for future generations.

What Can You Do?

Here at Design Print Distribution Group, we have always realised the value of trees and want to do our bit to help. After all, as a leafletting business, we rely on paper! We would certainly encourage others to follow some of the methods we’ve adopted to support our environment and particularly the replanting of trees which are used for a variety of important purposes.

For example, last year we became supporters of the wonderful woodland charity Forest Of Avon Trust. This is a Bristol-based charity committed to planting trees and managing woodlands sustainably to protect our future. As part of our steadfast commitment to greener working practices, the Design Print Distribution Group donates a tree to them for each of our long-term customers to support their charity work and support replenishing wood supplies for the future.

Green credentials are important to us and we would love other businesses to get involved too.  The Forest of Avon Trust offers excellent ways for companies and individuals to become involved and make a difference in our planet’s future. Why not get in touch with the Forest of Avon to get involved in their projects? Or, why not get in touch with us to find out more how you can work with a sustainably-minded company that treats our planet and particularly our trees with the respect they deserve.