This month, we examined how leaflet distribution can work for your business. However, the best-prepared campaign will be worthless if it is carried through with a poor-quality flyer or leaflet. In 2005, a group The Design Council studied the portfolios of FTSE listed companies over the course of the previous decade. They found that the companies that put an emphasis on design did way better than the ones that didn’t. In terms of a business advertising through leaflet distribution, the way to stand out from the crowd is through good print design.

Any photos being used need to be of high quality and ready for a printed leaflet. Expecting the images used on your website which can be small and often low resolution won’t do. Images are also important to demonstrate the quality of the product being showcased. Fewer good quality images have more impact than lots of little ones.

Less is More
Cluttered leaflets are never effective. You may love your product, but your leaflet does not need to give every detail. A quick easy read will get looked at more thoroughly than one packed with text. Using the space on your leaflet in a clear and simple manner will pay dividends.

Who is it for?
Identifying the target audience of your leaflet is an important step in planning and design. You need to know exactly who your leaflet is aimed at to ensure that the visual elements of your design appeal to that particular audience. If the aim of a leaflet is to attract a young, hip crowd then serious language and subdued colors won’t be effective. The design for an environmentally aware audience would perhaps be green and have natural imagery.

Quality and Size
Picking a paper quality, known as the stock, can have a bearing on how your leaflet is received. With most leaflets printed on stock around 100gsm (grams per square meter) a heavier stock will stand out and give an impression of quality compared to other leaflets. While considering the paper why not think about an unusual size. This will stop your leaflet from getting lost in the pack.

Call to Action
Lastly, what do you want the audience to do once they have read your leaflet? A call to action, something that will help you measure the success of the campaign. This can be a link to your website, Facebook or Twitter. A contact phone number or email address lets the audience get in touch with you, and particularly if there is a special offer on the leaflet perhaps an order code. Again consider your audience, think about the demographic you are aiming for when selecting a call to action.

We have used the word “effective” several times in this blog. To make your leaflet campaign work you need effective print design. Our knowledge and expertise can help you deliver outstanding campaigns.
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