If you choose the right franchise package, there is never a wrong time to start building your business, especially within door drop marketing. The new year sees many businesses start afresh with their marketing after reviewing their efforts over the Christmas break. Often, new year is when they begin advertising campaigns, which could bring exciting opportunities for door drop marketing business owners.

Now is the perfect time to start a door drop marketing franchise journey, especially when more people are spending more time at home. Homeworking is on the rise, and people have less opportunity to see businesses as they travel about less, so it’s essential to deliver the message to them.

Why door drop marketing works

New year brings new focus, new adventures and a new sales drive for many local businesses looking to cash in on the spending spree that is primed to happen as the days lengthen. Local companies often become invisible with internet and social media advertising amidst the sea of big names who invest exorbitant sums in online advertising, pushing local or smaller businesses out of the picture. A locally based door drop marketing franchise is the perfect way to help these local businesses reach local people.

Door drop leaflets are the most effective way to be noticed by the greatest number of people. Whether it’s a leaflet or brochure offering house cleaning after Christmas, gardens tidied for spring or conveyancing services for a spring house purchase, local businesses want to appeal to local customers and want the help of a local door drop marketing business to do so.

A leaflet landing directly on the doormat is a great way to draw the attention of potential customers to social media and website content for businesses as they don’t have to worry about being pushed aside by the more prominent names. Their message reaches its target audience without distraction. Local companies require local knowledge to maximise their marketing message, so they seek out the services of a reputable leaflet distribution company with that knowledge to do the work for them.

The proof is in the numbers

Royal Mail figures show that 83% of door drop items are engaged with by customers and prove valuable for prompting them to go online and make a purchase. Even those who don’t purchase themselves will share the leaflet with interested people, a great statistic for you as a franchisee highlighting the benefits of leaflet drops.

Why franchise

As a Design Print Distribution Group franchisee, you will have all the support you need to capitalise on those looking to improve their marketing as the new year commences. We give you a designated area, making you the local face of a successful business model, bringing the boost to companies seeking leaflet drops and local campaign knowledge.

We offer a robust, franchise package, primed for success so you can meet the demand for local services that we are too far away to do ourselves. With our support and training, you will have all you need to become the trusted supplier and distributor of the local face of door drop marketing in your area. Without the need for dedicated premises, you can be up and running pretty quickly.

Interested? Why not request our franchise pack and to take advantage of the new year advertising push to start your 2022 business off on the right footing for success.