Have you ever wondered why ongoing marketing campaigns produce better results than a one-time deal?

Let’s look back to our childhood. At school, we were taught many new things by repetition. The more you hear or see something, the more you will remember and recall. It’s the same with adverts for products or services. If you only see it once, you might struggle to retain enough information when you need it.

A multi-pronged approach

In modern times there is no escaping the importance of the internet in company publicity. Still, it can be virtually impossible for smaller and more locally based businesses to be noticed amidst the sea of more prominent names and compete against those with a hefty marketing budget. This is where the benefits of door drop leaflets and direct mail campaigns are great because they land directly into the homes of potential customers and will point potential customers directly to your social media and website content.

The benefits of an on-going campaign:

  • Boosting local presence – there has always been an interest in supporting local businesses, which the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly reinforced, so local companies offering solutions to local homes could have an advantage. Give potential customers a nudge, gentle reminders, incentives and other reasons to contact you, even if it’s just a notice of your Christmas period opening times. Locals will remember and use you. You just need to remind them you are there and ready to help them.
  • Building brand recognition – How often have you heard people say, “I know a company nearby does that”, but they can’t remember the company’s name, or they’re not sure if it’s still trading. On-going campaigns will build your brand name, make your business the name they remember, let them know you are still trading and give them the confidence to seek you out and trust your products or services.
  • Highlighting local services for local people – quite simply, people are more ready to trust and use someone they know is a local business serving local people.
  • Leaflets can regularly support new initiatives – tell people about your business, and give them incentives to visit your social media or website. Don’t wait for them to stumble across you amongst the plethora of companies offering the same. Help them with a door drop leaflet or brochure on their doormat highlighting how to reach you or take your offer up. Or, simply give them an opportunity to sign up to your e-mail list, giving you even more opportunity to highlight what you can do.
  • Cost-effective – ongoing campaigns are a more cost-effective way to advertise. You can often benefit from multi-drop discounts or frequent user discounts.
  • Easy to measure results – ongoing campaigns are a valuable way to test the efficiency of different marketing approaches. You can measure results from each part of the campaign and use this information to inform future marketing decisions.
  • You know where they have been distributed –leaflet tracking ensures you know where they are delivered so you can monitor results achieved. You gain valuable area-specific feedback to inform future campaigns.

Need some help?

Here at The Design Print Distribution Group, we can help you every step of the way when it comes to ongoing marketing efforts that bring a measurable ROI.  As industry leaders, we can help with any aspect of your door drop and direct mail campaign, from design (we have eye-tracking and lots of other tricks to help create the most effective design), to printing and distribution aspects. So why not contact our team and see how we can help your business remain front and centre within your customers’ homes.