We know that door drop marketing is highly effective at gaining attention. Research shows that around 89% of people remember receiving a door drop leaflet and 79% of them will keep it or pass it to a friend or family member. All of this increases awareness of your business and improves your sales potential. Our testimonials are proof that door drop marketing, especially as part of leaflet campaign over time, certainly helps many businesses. But that doesn’t mean that every campaign you launch will have the same effect.

Test and Learn
We know you are likely to get new customers from a one-off leaflet drop, but think how many more you could get if you use a varied and enticing campaign delivered over a series of leaflets. Multi-leaflet campaigns keep your business in focus, making you more likely to become the ‘go-to’ business, as you build up brand recognition and trust over time.

The Design Print Distribution Group are specialists in helping businesses get the best from door drop marketing campaigns: We know that one-off leaflet drops will encourage some customers, but we also know that a regular creative door drop campaigns will keep the results coming. When each leaflet in the series highlights a different offer or service, you can start building a picture of what advertising campaigns are most effective, and which services you offer are most popular. You can use this knowledge to become even better at targeting your leaflets to your target market’s needs.

The most effective leaflet drop campaigns try a variety of different leaflet approaches and over time, they gain a picture of what works and when. What works for one campaign may not work as well for the next, so it is important to continually test and learn. Our team of experts also have extensive knowledge of how focused multi drop campaigns can be created to best effect on your target market.

Eye-tracking technology
Keep your approach creative and don’t be afraid to try something different to get you noticed. You may find that using the services of eye-tracking technology can help, as it can show how customers engage with your design. Such tracking will identify for you, just where on your leaflet a potential customer’s gaze is directed, so it can be a helpful tool when finalising design layouts. You can then more confidently place key information such as offers on your door drop leaflet knowing they are going to be most visible to your customers.

Multi-drop discounts for regular campaigns that won’t break the bank
The Design Print Distribution Group understand the importance of keeping in touch regularly with potential clients. So, we offer a reduced price for multiple door drop campaigns to both new and existing customers. We make it easier and cheaper for you to test out different styles and try new ideas over time without killing your marketing budget.

As experts in the door drop marketing field, we are always happy to offer advice and assistance for your business to get the best from a campaign. Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials to see some of the great results we have achieved for our customers with our multi-drop campaigns. We’d be happy to help you achieve the same.