When you run your own business, you can, with a little planning achieve a work/life balance that suits you. That is the benefit of being your own boss. You can work part time when you want, choose staff that can take over if you need them to and work on a flexible basis that allows you free time. Whether you need to drop off or collect your children from school, meet friends on an afternoon or go to the gym or play tennis, you can, up to a point do what you want when it suits you.

That all sounds like the perfect work life balance; having a job that you can control rather than a job that controls you. Owning a franchise and operating under the wings of an established business can give you that. You have the security offered by the business concept (after all if it didn’t work, they would need franchisees would they!) and work on a template business that allows you a little freedom to make your own decision but the security to know what works. Choosing a franchise opportunity such as that offered by us here at the Design Print Distribution Group will give you an area that you are free to build up business in a way that fits in with your life and the way you want your life to be.


It’s not all R and R

Of course, as with any business you will have to graft, build a strong team around you and strive to make a success of the business, getting the best from the time you do commit. But you can do so with the knowledge that you have the backing and support of a successful franchise operator behind you. We have taken away a lot of the gamble in launching a new business by building a brand and proven business model for you to follow.


Is now the time for a new beginning?

If you are facing difficult decisions in your current position, you have lost the enthusiasm for your current role, then why not consider a franchise, and a door drop marketing one at that? You will get to meet lots of people, gain the flexibility that allows you to have a great work/life balance and still be building towards your own future in a way that is just not possible when you are employed.


Work/Life Balance and Mental Health

Being self employed as a franchise owner could be the difference to your life that restores your health and mental wellbeing in a way that you never imagined possible. Not least because it will be a pleasure to work as your build up your own business. You won’t have any of the anxiety that venturing out into a new business on your own will certainly bring, you won’t have to worry about whether your product or service sells, and you will have the back up of a great team to support you.

A great franchise operator will be working hard with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable to handle all that the franchise demands. Of course, it is in their interest to ensure you are happy and working well to build their brand and keeping up the reputation for customer service and product quality.


Want to learn more?

If you are prepared to work hard and want the time to play hard too, then now could be a great time to explore our Franchise Opportunities. That way, you can work towards a business that is all yours, and a work/life balance that could contribute significantly towards a better lifestyle.