We are now seeing a return to pre-pandemic marketing levels, and this has seen an increase in the number of leaflet campaigns that we are handling. New and existing clients are turning to us to increase their business awareness locally for both leaflet drops and nationwide direct mail campaigns. But often, the best approach is two-pronged, and employing both digital and print marketing efforts could help make sure your business reaps rewards.

Old school meets new

There is a growing understanding of the effectiveness of paper marketing to support digital marketing campaigns. In fact, paper marketing is the perfect way to introduce and support digital marketing.  There are many ways it can be done, so we thought we would tell you how we repeatedly see customers achieve marketing success with such a combined approach.

Marketing is about effectively combining multiple approaches to increase brand awareness, build trust in your brand and cater for all audiences in various mediums to enable access to you and your product or service, whichever way they prefer. A super-effective way of bringing people to your website is to give them an incentive and what better way to tell them about it than by a leaflet on their doormat.

Trust the numbers

Back to statistics for a second before we tell you how to do it. Did you know that 72% of people receiving a leaflet drop will keep it or pass it on and as many as 89% remember receiving it? If some of these potential customers then approach your website because of the leaflet, that’s the power of using paper to push digital.

6 top tips to combining paper and digital marketing

  1.  Use leaflets with a discount code: Offer or freebie that can be redeemed on your site.
  2. Display your social media handles: Often, people will prefer to use more social media pages to connect, so be sure they are shown alongside your website and phone contacts.
  3. Offer a free e-book: It could explain more about your service, its benefits, offer practical help around your products, or offer ideas and insights about subjects relevant to your business and its ethos.
  4. Hashtags: Generate a memorable hashtag and start tweeting to kickstart the hashtag conversation. You may not make the trending list, but keep it updated and you never know! Even people who don’t fully understand how to use a hashtag often remember them.
  5. Add a QR code: You can set the code to open your number, ready to dial or link your website, to make life easy for people. You can easily monitor the number of people who scan it. If one positive has come out of the coronavirus pandemic, more people now know what a QR code is and how to use it, so take advantage!
  6. We mentioned free e-books above. If this isn’t appropriate, you could always add a link to a video tutorial or the actual product or service you are selling. It’s all about direction and having a clear purpose. Give a clear call to action and avoid the need for people to search and work too hard.

As we said, many people keep leaflets to refer back to at a later date, which could direct them to your socials or website, so it’s important to make your marketing drop one worth keeping – we’re adept at giving guidance on how to do so.  Here at the Design Print Distribution Group, we have experts who can help you with whatever steps you need, from leaflet design to printing or even just distribution. Why not get in touch and let us help you make the most of your marketing spend by leading your print marketing recipients directly to your digital presence.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash